4 Reasons Why You Need a Security Door

4 Reasons Why You Need a Security Door

There are lots of compelling reasons to install a security door in your home beyond the obvious. While it’s clear that a security door offers great protection against home intrusions or break ins, there are many other reasons you may not have considered. Installing a security door can potentially:

1. Lower Security and Maintenance Costs

It’s obvious that security doors help to deter burglars and are harder to get through than normal doors. However, it’s worth noting that simply installing one of these doors can potentially deter break-ins just as much as home security systems for only a fraction of the price. With no monthly subscription fees, it’s a sound investment in home security. And because these doors are much more durable than typical front doors, they last longer and you spend less money repairing or replacing them.

2. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Security doors can be designed to allow the free passage of air through them and they can be locked shut while the inner door is left open. This provides security and allows fresh air to enter your home in the warmer months. Likewise, this configuration allows a lot more natural light into your home, meaning you use less electricity to light your home in the daytime. A security door also adds an extra windbreak to your door in the colder months, which means you lose less heat through the door.

3. Improve the Appeal of Your Home

The extra light a security door can let into your home can brighten your space considerably. A lighter, more airy feel will make your home look great and feel more comfortable. Additionally, more modern security doors are manufactured with a large number of design and color options that can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home. Aesthetics aside, these doors tend to have a much lower threshold, which is ideal to provide greater accessibility for wheelchairs, pets, children, disabled guests or senior adults that may visit your home.

4. Impede the Spread of Fire

Security doors are constructed using steel, which does not burn. This fire resistant quality can be very useful on even internal doors in your home. Even closed wooden doors do all too little to prevent the spread of fire, given that they are by far the thinnest part of any wall. An extra layer of fire resistant material can help limit further devastation in the event of a house fire.

Have Questions About Security Doors?

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