5 Reasons to Invest in Security Screen Doors This Summer

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Summer’s upon us, which is great for the mild weather and outdoor activities, but not so much for the mosquitoes and other insects that are starting to invade. Screen doors can help, but you can do one better: invest in security screen doors that keep bugs and intruders out. Check out these five reasons to invest in security screen doors in Michigan this summer.

1.    Security Door Screens Keep Bugs Out and Breezes in

There’s a reason you installed screen doors in the first place: you want to enjoy the summer breezes and getting fresh air. With security screen doors, you can still get that fresh air and sunlight but while keeping the bugs outside where they belong. This can help you lower your cooling bills as well because you won’t have to constantly run your AC all summer.

2.    Security Door Screens Have Non-Removable Hinges

The hinges on security screen doors cannot be removed, which is a big concern for homeowners who have seen the movies where intruders remove the hinges from a door to break into the home. Security screen doors have the strongest hinges on the market to prevent this from happening.

3.    Security Door Screens Have Stronger Frames Than Regular Doors

Let’s go back to the movies again. You’ve likely seen people kicking down doors all over the place. Looks pretty easy but in reality it’s not as easy as it looks. However, it can be done. Does your existing screen door give you confidence that no one could kick it down? With a security screen door, the frames are a lot stronger than on standard doors.

You can choose from steel, aluminum, or metal alloy. Steel is a great choice because it just has to be two to three inches wide to properly secure your home. Aluminum and metal alloys are weaker, with the thickness having to be at least six inches thick.

4.     Security Door Screens Don’t Have Windows

Security screen doors don’t have windows that can be broken into and shattered. Many burglars break the glass of a door to reach in and unlock it from the inside. With a security screen door, this is not an option.

5.     Security Door Screens Have Stronger Locks

Security screen doors are fortified with better-than-average locks, made of a heavy-duty material that prevents intrusion. The right security screen door offers you the reinforcement and peace of mind needed to protect your home from intruders.

Summer is the perfect time to start thinking about security against unwanted insects as well as potential thieves.

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