6 Winter Home Safety Tips

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It’s even more important in the winter to protect your home and family so you can stay safe and comfortable till spring makes its appearance. From keeping your driveway clear to installing security doors and locks, here are six ways to make your home safer and more secure this winter.

1.  Keep Driveways Clear

With regular snowfall comes narrower streets and driveways. It’s even more imperative in winter to keep your driveways clear because you have less room to contend with and you still need to safely park your cars and welcome guests. Shovel and de-ice as needed to prevent slips and falls.

2.  Make Sure Gates Are Operational

By extension, make sure your walkways and gate entrances are clear and easily navigable. Check that your gates are working properly. In the bitter cold of winter, you don’t want to be stuck outside the gate trying to troubleshoot what’s wrong when you just want to get inside.

3.  Install Smart Lighting Outdoors

Install landscape lighting on timers to go on and off when you come home and leave for work or play. Motion sensors are also a good idea. They automatically switch on when sensing unusual motion, which can be a deterrent for thieves. When going to work or on vacation, use your smart phone to control when the lights are on and off. Leave them on when away for long periods so it looks like someone is home. Main access points should be well lit.

4.  Trim Shrubs in Front of the House

Trim vegetation around the front of your house, which gives fewer places for would-be burglars to hide. Bushes – especially those piled high with snow — provide plenty of shadow and protection for anyone with nefarious intentions.

5.  Add a Monitored Alarm System

These days, it’s not enough to have a house alarm. It should be monitored as well by off-site security companies. Many people suffer from “alarm fatigue” and are desensitized to house alarms in the neighborhood. This means even if your alarm goes off when you’re not home, the chances of a neighbor reporting it are low. If it’s actively monitored, it will alert the security company right away.

6.  Install Security Doors

Custom steel security doors work as the first line of defense for your home, acting as a barrier for intruders and a means of entry for the family and guests. Here at Iron Clad, we install double-welded, solid steel construction doors for your peace of mind.

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