A Unique Use for Iron Security Doors

A Unique Use for Iron Security Doors

When it comes to iron security doors, most people will think of an ornate addition to the front of a home providing both protection and beauty. While this is the most common use of a custom iron security door, there are several uses for custom doors throughout any home or business.

One unique application of an iron security door that gets overlooked has more to do with protecting a treasure from others within the home, rather than keeping intruders out of the home.

Protecting a wine collection is a great way to utilize both the aesthetics and the safety provided by a steel security door within a home.

Protection for Low Key Wine Cellars

The popularity of wine cellars is on the rise with the fad of mail order wine clubs and natural organic wineries popping up all over the country. No longer are wine cellars reserved only for the uberwealthy or for dramatic scenes in the movies.

Homeowners in otherwise unpretentious homes throughout area neighborhoods are finding fun ways to install wine cellars that hold their growing collections. One of the most popular methods of retrofitting a spot is converting otherwise wasted space under a stairwell.

Of course, this may not be a true cellar as it is not always below ground but using the right equipment can create the same atmosphere as what is typically provided by a cellar.

Making a Wine Cellar a Piece of Art

A wine cellar is finished off best with a beautifully customized iron security door that keeps the wine safe from young and curious hands. Rather than using a standard cookie cutter door to close off the collection, a specialty decorative glass security door allows homeowners to show off the attractive space.

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