Accentuating Your Home’s Architecture

architectural details

Every home has unique architectural features that make it stand out from the rest. You may have intricate archways in the home’s exterior, or you may have a large tower along the side of the house. Whatever the case may be, it is your job to find ways to make those features more noticeable. The more unique your home looks, the more people are going to respond to it. Here are some ways to accentuate your home’s architecture.

Use Contrasting Paint Colors

Rather than painting all of the features the same color, create contrasts between the traditional components of the home and the special details. For instance, let’s assume you have some gorgeous dark wood trim flowing throughout your house. You may want to accent that with light, neutral walls so it really pops. If you paint the wall navy or dark grey, you may not allow the wood to really shine through. Using high-contrast paint will make all the difference.

Create Visual Movement

Try to make the general flow of a room move toward your accent element. For instance, you might want to position the furniture of the room to focus on your fireplace. Outside, you might want to use plants to draw attention to a window or an interesting shape in the roof. You can control what people see by the way you set up the space. Use that power to your advantage.

Install Decorative Windows And Doors

Who says your doors and windows have to be basic panes of rectangular glass? Here at Iron Clad Security Products, we offer a number of decorative steel doors and windows that will make your home look great while still protecting your family and your property. You can enjoy a greater peace of mind and make your home look better at the same time. Everybody wins!

Minimize Other Accents

Try to keep the main focus on the architectural details, not all the décor you have in the room. If you have an accent wall to highlight a large built-in, don’t make all the furniture in the room the same color as the wall. That will detract from the impact you were trying to create. There is nothing wrong with having other accents of the same color to create a sense of balance, but you need to do this in moderation. Establish the focal feature for every part of your house, and you will come out with a design you love.