Benefits of Solid Steel Security Screen Doors in Michigan

steel security screen doors

There are three main materials used in security screen doors: aluminum, metal alloy and solid steel. They are all made to be strong and durable, but steel has some significant advantages over the others. That is why we construct our security doors and windows out of double-welded steel frames, right here in our manufacturing facility in Michigan. Read on to learn why steel is ideal for security doors.

Sleek Designs

Aluminum and metal alloy are naturally not as strong as steel. In order to gain the strength necessary to secure a property, manufacturers must use wider pieces of metal to construct the frame. This limits the design options available for the doors. At Iron Clad Security Doors in Metro Detroit, MI, we offer a variety of stunning door and window designs. Not only will you enhance the safety of your property, but you can also enhance the curb appeal. That’s all thanks to our steel construction.

Maximum Airflow

Because steel frames can be thinner than aluminum ones, they allow significantly more air to pass through – 40% more, to be precise. This is great for days with nice weather, when you want to let the breeze in without letting the bugs in. Steel creates the best airflow for your home or business, and it still looks better than the other materials.

Rust Reduction

Aluminum will not rust when exposed to moisture, making it an ideal material for exterior doors and windows. However, steel can have the same rust resistance as long as it is properly powder coated before installation. We powder coat our steel security screen doors, and we offer a range of colors to match your home’s design. If the powder coating on your door wears off, it can be reapplied without issue.

Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, having a solid steel security door provides peace of mind for you and your family. You can rest assured that your building is well protected with our custom screen doors and windows. To find out which door design is right for your home, contact our Michigan security door manufacturer at (313) 837-0390. We will schedule a free consultation to meet with you in person so we can provide an exact quote for your services.