Boost Security and Curb Appeal with Security Gates

Boost Security and Curb Appeal with Security Gates

At Iron Clad Security Doors, we believe that everything we manufacture, design and install should be done with our customers in mind. We pride ourselves in providing a way that our customers can add home security without sacrificing the style and look of their property. At Iron Clad Security Doors, we have been providing beautiful security gates that boost security and add curb appeal for many years.

Boosting Security and Feeling Safe

Safety and security have been our top priority since 1987. Enjoying a safe and secure home that protects the ones that you love can give you peace of mind like nothing else ever could. Security gates are a beautiful and easy way to do that while also making your property look even more aesthetically appealing. Security gates are the first line of defense for your home. We have tested and proven our security gates time and time again, creating customized steel gates for our customers and ensuring their safety in times of need.

Curb Appeal Thanks to Highly Attractive Security Gates

When some people think of adding a security gate, all they can see is a manufacturer’s warehouse that makes for an ugly entrance. At Iron Clad Security Doors, we want our security gates to blend seamlessly with your property. For this reason, we customize and craft every security gate to match your needs both functionally and cosmetically. We will speak with you about the look you want to achieve and then manufacture your security gate in-house.

Quality Security Gates

Every security gate we manufacture is made using a unique, double-welded steel construction. They are built to last a lifetime and then some. Our security gates can also be extremely versatile. As we customize your needs, we will think about your security needs as well. Should there be spikes on the edges so no one drives through them? Should the gate mechanism be manual or electric? Do you need a keypad in place? An option to buzz people in? Whatever you decide, Iron Clad Security Doors is here to create and install the exact security gate you need.

No one should ever have to feel like they aren’t safe on their own property. If you are interested in boosting your security and curb appeal with one of our security gates, give our team at Iron Clad Security Doors a call today. Call us now to learn more and get your free consultation on our security gates at (313) 837-0390.