Choosing the Best Security Gate for Your Property

Black decorative wrought iron gates with red padlock and reinforcement bars.

Alongside the current housing boom across the country, the installation of security gates is also on the rise. Adding a security gate can be an attractive bonus for homebuyers and make any property stand out, but the most common home in need of a security gate is one outside of a traditional neighborhood.

Residents who prefer to own more land or just enjoy the privacy and benefits of greater distance from other homes are those who most often benefit from a security gate.

While a security gate does provide protection from those with nefarious intentions who you would like to keep away from your family and valuable property, security gates also offer other benefits as well.

Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes

One such benefit is alerting you that someone has entered the property. Without a security gate, anyone is free to simply drive right up to your home. However, with the right security gate in place, you can know exactly who is entering your drive and when.

Deciding on the design of a security gate is just one aspect of the process. Homeowners also have to keep in mind the main purpose of their security gate as well. For example, in the situation mentioned earlier, including a camera and keypad with the installation of your security gate are two ways to know who is accessing your property.

With multiple drivers in a family, assigning a different code for each driver will log who is home and when each one arrives or departs. The installation of a modern intercom system can also alert you to a visitor and provide visual confirmation of the person attempting to gain access.

Expressing Security in Style

Along with these practical amenities, a security gate also allows homeowners to express their style. A professional design and installation turnkey manufacturer like Iron Clad Security Doors features professionals who help match the current aesthetic of an existing property.

Custom steel security gates provide a range of designs from—sleek and modern to ornate and antique. With amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail, quality security gates will match your property’s current decor along with your own design preference.

To get started with choosing the best security gate for your new or existing property, call Iron Clad Security Doors at 313-837-0390 or use our online contact form today!