How To Clean Decorative Glass Doors In Michigan

decorative glass doors

Decorative glass doors can enhance your home’s curb appeal and privacy at the same time. This is one of our specialties here at Iron Clad Security Doors – creating beautiful glass that complements our double-welded steel doors. To keep your entry looking its best, follow this guide for how to clean decorative glass doors.

Set A Regular Cleaning Schedule

You probably have a cleaning schedule for your home – dusting on Sunday, vacuuming on Tuesday, laundry every weekend, etc. Your glass door should be included in this. Even if your decorative glass door looks clean, it may have a thin film of dust on the surface. By regularly cleaning it, you can prevent heavy buildup that requires more elbow grease to get rid of.

Wash By Hand, Not With A Hose

It may be tempting to just hose off the front of your glass doors, but that won’t yield the results you want. Michigan’s water is clean in most areas, but the inside of your hose may not be. When you spray down your doors, you may get leftover dirt that looks worse than before you washed them off. The pressure from the water hose can also put unnecessary force on the glass. You’re better off handwashing your windows with a bucket of water, a sponge and a squeegee.

Use The Right Glass Cleaner

The type of glass cleaner you use will depend on the type of decorative glass you have. For instance, if you are cleaning an old stained glass window, you would need a specialty cleaner that will not discolor the image. Modern glass is made to be more durable, but you still want to avoid products that have ammonia in them. Talk to your representative at Iron Clad Security Doors to find out which cleaning solution is ideal for your glass doors.

Wipe Before You Wash

Dirt and dust on the surface of the glass may create small etchings as you clean. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the glass before applying the cleaning solution. This will prevent you from rubbing the dirt directly into the glass, and it will keep your doors looking their best.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Tools

Before you use any sort of cloth, sponge, or scraping tool, think about how it will affect your glass. You can use a razorblade to get off hard-to-remove grime, but that is not ideal. If you can soak it off with a solution instead, you will be less likely to scratch your glass. Be mindful of this when you go to clean your doors, and you will keep them looking great for years to come.