Creative Decorating Tips for Security Doors this Holiday

American home decorated in a traditional Christmas fashion

While some have had holiday decorations up for months, there is still time to get your home looking like a winter wonderland before Christmas actually arrives—just in time for kids to be out of school and guests to enjoy your holiday celebrations.

Homes across the country that have taken advantage of a security door also have plenty of options when it comes to showing off holiday cheer. Homeowners can spruce up their current decorations or even start from scratch while keeping some of the following tips in mind.

Common decorating questions when it comes to properties with security doors and gates include:

  • How do you hang a wreath on a security door?
  • What decorations can you pin to a security screen door?
  • Can you secure heavy decorations to a security driveway gate?

There are answers to each of these questions!

The Type of Door Makes a Difference

One trick to hanging a wreath without making holes, which would be extremely difficult to do anyway, is to mount a large and decorative metal hook at the top of the interior of the door.

The best type of hook for this is one of the many popular damage-free hooks that have become so popular in recent years. With all the options, it is easy to find a metal finish that matches your current décor or the decorations themselves.

The key to this trick is mounting the hook upside down. Then, use a ribbon that wraps around the hook and goes over the top of the door—connecting to the top of the wreath outside. This allows you to hang a wreath while avoiding damage or marks to the outside of the door itself!

Get Creative with Your Security Screen Door

For an alternative option that is sure to impress family and friends, take advantage of a security screen door—or even a security gate—by mounting a weatherproof pot with a flat side against the exterior of the door.

This provides a spot to secure seasonal foliage or a holiday bouquet that will instantly provide all the warm feels of the season as folks drive by your home. This creative choice is sure to spark some conversation as well.

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