Custom Security Gates Manufactured in Michigan

Custom Security Gates Manufactured in Michigan

When it comes to securing your home and property, a security gate is a preliminary line of defense against the outside world. Whether your intention is to keep trespassers or would-be burglars away or simply to have an early point of contact with visitors to your property, custom security gates from Iron Clad Security Doors can put your mind at ease.

Custom Security Gate Options for Any Purpose

Whatever purpose has you considering the installation of security gates, our trained and experienced professionals can help you realize your goals. We often hear from clients who are interested in improving the security of their homes but are wary to install security gates as they fear it will detract from the curb appeal of their home or make it unwelcoming to guests. Fortunately, not all security gates have to be imposing or intimidating. That’s why we have design options available to suit and enhance any aesthetic, from antique to modern.

In addition to a customized look for your gate, we’re also pleased to offer additional security features for any gate we install. From keypad accessible entrances to spiked fences that deter humans or vehicles from broaching your fence and gate, we’ve got you covered. A free consultation with our team is all it takes to get started on creating the right solution for your home. You’ll be speaking directly with the same people who will build your gate. That means no confusion and nothing gets lost in translation between your order and final installation.

Support Local Industry

Iron Clad Security Doors is proud to be a Michigan based business. We personally manufacture your customized security gates, as well as secure doors, screen doors and windows. All made right here in Detroit with high quality steel and our innovative manufacturing techniques. We’re proud to do our part to help keep Michigan safe and protected.

Call Iron Clad Security Doors Today 

We’re always happy to hear from other members of our community, so feel free to give us a call anytime at 313-837-0390 with any questions or concerns. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always here to help! A secure home is a much less tempting target for intruders. We’ll help make sure your home looks like too much trouble to bother so you can rest easy knowing that your family, your home and property are safe from harm. Our job isn’t finished until your home security is ironclad.