Maximize Your Home Security With Decorative Glass Doors In Michigan

decorative glass doors

Looking for a way to secure your home and enhance your curb appeal at the same time? Consider the decorative glass doors available from Iron Clad Security Doors. In addition to our traditional steel screen doors, we offer beautiful glasswork that’s built to last. We have an assortment of glass designs that can be personalized to fit your home’s exterior. Learn how you can improve your home’s privacy with custom glass doors.

Colored And Textured Glass Enhances Your Home’s Privacy  

Glass cutting and design patterns have changes dramatically over the years. At Iron Clad Security Doors, we offer a wide range of colored glass and textured glass to make your door look unique. This is about much more than basic visual appeal though. The texture and color of the glass prevents people from seeing inside your home through the front door. You will be able to let in light and add dimension to your curb appeal while still maintaining the privacy of your property.

Decorative Glass Doors Handmade In Metro Detroit

Get sturdy doors you know you can trust. We manufacture all of our glass and steel doors right here in our Metro Detroit warehouse. Everything is handmade and inspected by local security experts, so you get a high-quality product each and every time. We put the same level of care into our security gates, security windows, and much more, so you will always be in good hands with Iron Clad.

Design Patterns For Every Style

Get a door that reflects your home and your personal style at the same time. We have every type of glass design imaginable, from modern to rustic and more. Check out our decorative glass gallery to see examples of our work and get an idea for the design you want for your home.

Thick, Sturdy Glass Designed To Prevent Break-ins

Most people think of glass as an easy break-in opportunity, but that’s not the case with our doors. The glass is thick and tempered so it cannot be easily broken or damaged. The metal support rods that create the decorative pattern double as a secondary barrier to keep people from coming in your home. You can enjoy the benefits of beautiful glasswork without having to worry about your security.

To learn more about decorative glass doors or other security products from Iron Clad Security Doors, give us a call at (313) 837-0390 to set up a free consultation.