Don’t Sacrifice Security with a Decorative Glass Door

Front door of large home.

People often make tradeoffs when it comes to making upgrades and improving the curb appeal of their homes. This is understandable given that you cannot do it all. According to the website Statista, the average homeowner spent $7,560 on home improvements in 2018 alone.

Spending continues to be on the rise and, while $7,500 is a lot of money, homeowners know just how quickly you can burn through those dollars without making much of a difference. Fortunately, there is one improvement upgrade that will be well worth the investment and provides homeowners with many benefits; one of which is invaluable.

Security Should Be Your Highest Priority

Did you know that there are over 4,500 home burglaries per day in the United States? The most effective method for keeping individuals from unlawfully entering a residence is to secure your entryway. Over 95% of all home invasions require some sort of forced entry. Installing the right decorative glass door increases security for those inside the home while also improving the look and feel of the home for those outside.

Safety and security should be of highest priority when considering how to improve the look of your home. With the right decorative glass door, neither of these have to be sacrificed when trying to level up your entryway. You might be surprised to see the level of security a beautiful front door with tempered glass inserts can provide.

Security Can Still Be Stunning

Thanks to solid steel construction for the frame of a decorative glass door, a homeowner’s safety is not compromised for the sake of visual appeal. This is one tradeoff that is unnecessary. An eye-catching design and the ability to keep intruders from entering the home are both made possible by the security door.

Often times when a home or office is burglarized, the perpetrator has been canvassing the property to determine that the reward is worth the risk. With traditional glass doors, they are able to easily sneak a peek at your valuables inside the home. A decorative glass door, however, offers colored and textured glass to prevent would be thieves from seeing inside your home or office.

The right decorative glass door is a sign that you take security seriously. Thanks to experienced craftsmen like those at Detroit’s Iron Clad Security Doors, this can be done with a warm and inviting new door, rather than cold metal bars or other unsightly solutions.

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