Do’s and Don’ts For Holiday Gate Decorating

Wreaths on Gates

Thanksgiving will be here in just a couple of short weeks, and Christmas and New Year’s won’t be far behind after that. November seems to be the unofficial kickoff to the holiday decorating season, and if you’re feeling festive, you’ll probably want to decorate the outside of your property first before the weather gets too cold.

From porches and roofs to gates and bushes, the possibilities are endless when finding fodder for your holiday-decorating genius. With the pending holiday season rife with scheduled neighborhood parties and family gatherings, it’s important to be sure you’re decorating safely and efficiently.

If you have a driveway security gate that allows entry for residents of the home as well as guests, this is a great time to check that it’s in good working order. And if you usually decorate your gate with lights and other décor, heed these tips for ensuring you don’t hinder its operation. Security is still important, even at the holidays! Check out these do’s and don’ts.

1.  DON’T Block the Photo Eye

The photo eye is essentially an anti-entrapment device that holds the gate open whenever the sensor has been tripped.  You can’t turn this safety feature off, as it is a requirement on all modern gate operators. If you decorated your gate for the holidays and now the gate won’t close when it’s supposed to, it’s a fair bet that the wreath you hung or the lights you strung are obstructing the view of the photo eye.

2.  DON’T Leave the Lights on All Night 

While you may be tempted to leave your lights on throughout the night to capture the festive nature of your property for late-night drivers or passers-by, this can boost your energy bill exponentially for November and December. It’s better to set the lights on a timer so they automatically switch off at a pre-set time. This will save you a lot of money and hassle.

3.  DO Replace Batteries As Needed

Many driveway gate issues stem from bad batteries. Your gate battery should give you a couple of years of life but sometimes even new batteries fail. If your gate isn’t working and you’ve ruled out the photo sensor issue, check and replace the battery as needed. It’s a good idea to install a battery back-up system so your gate works in the event of a power outage.

4.  DO Clear Debris

Leaves and other vegetation can block the photo eye of your gate. If your gate is staying open, clear away all debris and see if that works. At the same time, clear off your solar panel too so it gets the UV rays it needs to power your house without obstruction.

5.  DO Engage in General Maintenance

Being a responsible security gate owner means you have to do regular maintenance on the gate itself and surrounding areas. Clear debris on the driveway around the gate so it’s not obstructed when it swings open and closed. Check for corrosion on electrical connections. If you spot any, clean the rust and use an anti-corrosive spray. If you have squeaky gate hinges, apply oil and grease as needed.

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We can’t wait to see all your holiday gate decorating photos. Just heed the above tips so you can have the safest and prettiest holiday season possible. If you are looking to install a new security gate on your property this year, call Iron Clad Security Products at (313) 837-0390. We manufacture all our security gates in-house using double-welded construction.