Factory Direct Security Doors

Factory Direct Security Doors

It’s a sad state of affairs that decent folk have to share the United States with thieves and miscreants, but that’s the way of the world. Why run the risk of allowing your home or business premises to be easy to break into when you can instead, invest in factory direct security doors? Here at Iron Clad Security Doors, we can help you to ramp your residential or business security up a significant notch.

Why Buy Factory Direct Security Doors?

When you buy an item, you typically buy from a retailer. That retailer has, usually, bought in bulk for a low price and has marked up the unit cost in order to make a profit. The end-purchaser ends up paying an inflated price.

By purchasing factory direct from a company like Iron Clad Security Doors you are, in effect, cutting out the middle man by buying directly from us, the manufacturer. This means you’ll avoid the retailer mark up and end up paying much less!

Support Your Local Economy

When you buy a security door from a retailer, the door you buy could have been manufactured anywhere – in the United States, or maybe even abroad.

When you buy a factory direct security door you are buying directly from the manufacturer. You are supporting the local economy by buying an item that has been made in the USA – and if you buy factory direct from Iron Clad Security Doors, you will be buying items that have been made here in the great state of Michigan.

Get the Best in Customer Service

If you buy from a retailer you will have some amount of customer protection, but if you buy from a large retailer it can be very hard to get any kind of satisfaction if things go wrong. A security door is typically not a cheap purchase, so you could find that you’ve lost money if it breaks down or is not fit for use and you can’t get any satisfaction via traditional customer service channels.

If you buy directly from a manufacturer, then there is one sure place to head to if things are not to your satisfaction, and that’s back to the manufacturer of course! Manufacturers have their reputation to think of, which mean exemplary customer service is always at the top of their agenda – and that’s certainly the case at Iron Clad Security Doors.

If you want to learn more about factory direct security doors for your building, then please get in touch with us here at Iron Clad Security Doors. We can be contacted at (313) 837-0390, or via our online contact form.