Halloween Safety Tips For Michigan Businesses

halloween safety tips

Halloween is a great time for families to have fun and dress up, but it’s also a prime time for burglaries and robberies in Michigan. If you set yourself up for success early on, you won’t be a victim to the “trick” side of trick-or-treating. In the guide below, we will provide some Halloween safety tips for Michigan businesses, courtesy of our Metro Detroit security door manufacturing company.

Get Security Doors And Windows You Can Count On

Doors and windows are the biggest targets for criminals who want to break into your business. If you do not have reliable security doors and windows, your building could be vulnerable to criminal activity this Halloween. Luckily, Iron Clad Security Doors provides a number of decorative security products that enhance your curb appeal and fortify your property at the same time. Give us a call at (313) 837-0390 to schedule a free quote for your commercial door installation.

Bring Your Exterior Elements Inside

If you normally keep chairs, signs, or displays on the outside of your business, you may want to bring them inside for Halloween. As crowds of people flood the street, it’s easy for these items to get lost, stolen, or damaged. Even if you just move them inside the door, you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt along the way. Limit your outside decorations to those related to Halloween and move everything else inside for the night.

Install Motion-Activated Spotlights

Setting up motion-activated lights around your property will help deter potential thieves. The lights will either spook them into running away or make them question how secure the building is. You can essentially create a “costume” for your business that keeps criminals at bay. Most criminals will move on to a business that has fewer obstacles and less visibility.

Encourage Surrounding Businesses To Enhance Their Security Measures

We’re all in this together. If the whole block is noticeably secure, criminals are going to move on to a different part of Metro Detroit, MI. Encourage other business owners in the area to enhance their security measures before Halloween. You could create a plan to patrol the area on Halloween and notify one another about issues as soon as they arise. It’s always a good idea to have strong communication with nearby business owners so you can watch over each other’s properties. Having an eye on the property at all times will give you the best chance at staying secure.