Holiday Home Safety Tips

holiday safety

Whether you plan to travel for the holidays or you just want to stay protected in your own home, there are some simple steps you can take to greatly increase your home safety this holiday season. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day draws in criminals more than any other time of year because they know presents are readily available throughout the city. You don’t have to put yourself at risk this year. Check out these holiday home safety tips to keep your family safe and sound.

Get Someone To Watch Your House 

If you plan to leave for an extended period of time, ask a neighbor or a friend you trust to watch your home while you are away. You may have a neighbor keep a general eye on the property while a friend or family member actually goes into the house daily to collect mail, feed pets, etc.

Put Your Lights On A Timer

Having lights on in your home will make potential intruders think that someone is in the house, even if you are away on vacation. You could leave a light or a TV on in the home, but someone watching the house may pay attention to the trend and eventually figure out that you are away. It is better to put timers on lamps, Christmas lights, and other lighting in your home so that the lights come on at different times in the day. If you have a smart home, you could simply make those adjustments with an app on your smartphone.

Conceal Your Gifts

Your presents should not be visible from the windows. If your Christmas tree is directly in front of a window, you may consider putting your gifts in a separate room until Christmas Day. The goal here is to give intruders as little reason as possible to break into your home. If they do not see an extravagant array of gifts, they may not think your home is worth breaking into.

Secure Your Home

Of course, a proper home security system will greatly reduce your chances of robbery or burglary during the holidays. You could install security cameras on the property, or you could invest in some solid steel security doors and security windows like the ones we have to offer here at Iron Clad Security Products. We also offer decorative security gates that you could use to protect the perimeter of your property. With the right products around to keep your family safe, you can enjoy the holidays in peace and comfort.