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During your home remodeling project, you will have multiple people coming in and out of your home. If you work with a trustworthy company, this should not be a problem. However, you should take some extra steps to ensure your house is secure during the excess foot traffic. Here are some home security tips for remodeling, courtesy of Iron Clad Security Doors in Michigan.

Lock Your Doors And Windows

Your remodelers will need to have access into your home, but that does not mean you should leave it completely unlocked. Secure any entry points that they do not need to use, and re-lock all doors and windows after they are finished for the day. If you have a security screen door with a keyless entry system, you can create a special code for them to get into the house. When the project is complete, you can delete the code from your lock so they no longer have access inside.

If you do not have security doors and windows, you should consider getting them as part of your residential upgrades. We have several styles of decorative glass doors and windows that look great and provide extra protection for your home. Contact our Michigan security door company to learn more.

Secure Valuables In A Safe Location

You may want to put your valuables away while you have strangers in your home. Again, you should not have to worry about theft if you work with a trustworthy company, but it cannot hurt to be cautious. Put expensive electronics in a box inside your bedroom closet, and place jewelry in a lockable safe, if you have one. Hide any cash that is on display, and place laptops in drawers or under beds (where people may not look).

Take Pictures Of Your Valuables

It’s always a good idea to have a running inventory of the valuables in your home. If you have a home security incident in the future, you’ll have a reference list to give to the insurance company. Take photos of the valuables in your home, including serial numbers. The photos will provide a timestamp of when they were in your house, which could act as leverage if you need to pursue a legal matter. If you do your research ahead of time though, you should find a reliable remodeling company – theft will not be an issue.

Know Who Is In Your Home Throughout The Project

Introduce yourself to the workers if you are home when they are remodeling. This will seem like a polite gesture, but it doubles as a way for you to track who is in your home at all times. If you have security cameras in your house, keep them turned on while the workers are there. If you cannot be around when the remodeling occurs, as the project manager which crew is working each day. The more informed you are, the better protected your house will be.