How to Boost Home Security with a New Security Door

Black woman walking through the front door of her safe home.

When you are considering boosting your home security, it’s important to take a look at your present vulnerabilities. No matter how good your alarm system may be, at the end of the day, it’s just an alarm. If you want to delay or even stop an intruder, one of the easiest ways is with a new security door. At Iron Clad Security Doors, we are a Detroit based company that aims to increase security and add protection to your home. We provide extremely affordable security doors that are designed to keep you safe without compromising on the design of your home.

The Purpose of a Security Door

It’s interesting to see the burglary statistics out there and yet home and business owners still solely rely on an alert to protect their property. Recent statistics show that approximately 2.1 million burglaries happen every year in America. Of that 2.1 million, 60% of them occur due to forcible entry into the property. At Iron Clad, our security doors are made to counter those statistics and bring them down dramatically. Our security doors are made to provide you with security and peace of mind within your own home or business.

Security Door Standard of Quality

At Iron Clad, every security door can be customized to fit your needs. No matter what your customization may be, there are standard quality features of our door that are never compromised. Our security doors feature a heavy duty 2” steel frame. All of the connections are welded, and steel jambs are in place. Our security doors have tempered safety glass, pneumatic door closers and a shock absorber chain for added protection. Our doors are completed with plush weather stripping and an interchangeable screen. No one ever says your door needs to have prison bars and bland designs to be safe. We offer an enormous selection of designer steel doors that will complement your home while still providing a high quality, durable security door.

In order to guarantee our quality standards, we make all of our doors at our manufacturing plant here in Detroit. With durable steel, safety glass and a custom design to fit your personality, there is never a better time to boost your home security with a new security door from Iron Clad Security Doors. For more information about our security doors and additional ways to improve your home safety, give us a call today. We can be reached any time at (313) 837-0390.