How to Choose the Right Security Screen Door

Looking out of a front screen door.

One of the best low maintenance additions you can make to your home is the installation of a high-quality security screen door on your front and rear entryways. The two most obvious benefits of adding security screen doors are curb appeal and deterring those with nefarious intentions from seeing your home as a target.

There are also several other benefits that may not automatically come to mind when considering a security screen door. Choosing the best security screen door for you means doing some research. Here is a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Security Screen Doors Provide Protection from More than Just Burglars

Security screen doors do provide protection from potential criminal activity, but they also provide protection from weather, bugs, and other small rodents. This is even more of a practical reason to make use of security screen doors, because it allows parents to remain inside while children are playing in the backyard or by the street.

A security screen door allows adults to enjoy the comfort of indoors while being able to observe and hear children outside without concern of mosquitoes, flies, or small animals like snakes making their way into the home.

Not All Security Screen Doors Are Created Equal

When choosing a security screen door, there are many features to consider so that you make the best choice for you and your family. For example, you may be tempted to skimp on a screen door and select one made of aluminum. However, a door made of aluminum or a similar alloy requires the door to be twice as thick as a door made of steel in order to provide the same strength.

A hand-made steel security screen door manufactured with double welded connections will last much longer than a cookie-cutter screen door you may find at a typical home improvement store. It is also important that your security screen door is flush mounted to your door frame to ensure a proper fit.

Ordering your security screen doors from an experienced manufacturer like Iron Clad Security Doors will guarantee you receive the necessary features like pneumatic door closers so that the doors shut tight and a wind chain to avoid having the door blown open by a strong gust.

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