How to Keep Your Security Door Looking Great and Working Well

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You might be thinking, “the reason I purchased (or am considering purchasing) a steel security door) is because they are known to be low maintenance, so why do I need to focus on maintaining my steel security door?”

You are exactly right—steel security doors are much more low maintenance than other types of exterior doors, which is just one benefit of having a steel security door at your home or office. However, remember this—no door is completely maintenance free.

With just a little effort, time, and know-how, you can keep your security door looking beautiful. Simply keep the following tips in mind. If you have yet to purchase a steel security door, bookmark this page and read on for the benefits of owning a security door.

The Material Makes a Difference

When it comes to keeping your security door clean, know that not all cleaning products are made equal. There are some cleaners made for just the metal hardware, such as hinges, defenders—an added piece to the hinge that stops the door from being opened when engaged—covers, and the door handles themselves.

Leave your wool pads at the kitchen sink. While they are great for cleaning some pots and pans, abrasive materials will damage certain parts of your door. Instead, to keep the original clean shine, use a soft cloth when cleaning the hardware.

Don’t Ignore Function While Maintaining Form

Regular cleaning of your security glass or steel door is also a great time to adjust or lubricate moving parts that will keep your door functioning as well as possible. Checking loose handles and adjusting hinges to raise or lower doors that have been affected by a home settling ensure your security door is in top shape.

Simple tools like a set of Allen wrenches and other basics are typically all you need for the job. Lubricating bolts and other moving parts with some standard lubricant will keep your security door operating smoothly as well.

If you have questions about the maintenance of your security door, why not reach out to an expert for help? Contact the professionals at Iron Clad Security Doors with your questions about security door maintenance and to learn more about the many benefits a security door provides.

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