Importance of Securing your Windows

Importance of Securing your Windows

Safety is very important for any home or business and making sure that everything is in working order is of great importance, especially when it comes to having your property secured. With warmer months on the way, you may be tempted to open up your windows to let in a nice breeze and enjoy the weather but at the same time you could be risking your safety if you forget to shut or lock your windows. With the following information we hope you can avoid any security risks this summer and in the future.   

 Unsecured Windows and Their Hazards

 Having unsecured windows could be potentially risky for the safety of your home or property. Besides doors, windows are another well know entrance for any intruder if given the opportunity. Your windows can be unsecured in a variety of ways. For example, if your windows are not locked or have faulty locks you could potentially have a very easy break-in into your home or business, risking a lot in the process. Another way you could be facing unsecured windows is in the windowpane and a lack of a screen. Windows that have weak glass or a single pane of glass can be easily broken into with a hit from any object with enough force. And although a window screen is not a great source of protection it can halt an intruder for a second and helps keep out any unwanted insects or pests.

 If you notice your windows may have any of these problems or the integrity may seem questionable consider updating your windows for maximum security.    

Safety Tips to Secure your Window

There are a few small things you can do to optimize your window’s security to prevent any potential security breaches. Always make sure your windows are locked especially if you recently opened them. Never leave your open windows unattended, that way you can keep watch on anyone who may be interested in your home and prevent anyone or anything from sneaking in. Make sure your windows are in working order and if possible, that they are connected to any security systems you may have.   

Options for Securing your Windows

However, the most ideal way to protect your home or business is to invest in high quality security windows. Security windows can provide that extra protection that regular windows cannot. At Iron Clad Security Doors, we make sure our security windows are made with solid metal construction with a variety of designs to give you stronger, better, and more appealing protection.

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