Improve Curb Appeal and Boost Security with Decorative Glass Doors

Improve Curb Appeal and Boost Security with Decorative Glass Doors

When people think of security doors, they tend to think of big, ugly solid steel doors with huge rivets that look about as inviting as a kick in the teeth. This puts countless people off from investing in a security door as they don’t want their home ending up looking like a penitentiary.

The good news is that you do not have to sacrifice the appealing looks of your home in order to decrease the likelihood of someone breaking in through one of your doors. Modern security doors can be as decorative and as visually-appealing as any other, less secure kind of door.

Up Your Home’s Security Without Sacrificing its Curb Appeal

Most decorative glass doors can be custom made, so if you have an idea in mind, or if you want a door that matches certain existing aspects of your home, then you should have no issues in getting exactly what you want. Typically, decorative glass doors are made using solid steel for the frame, with tempered glass.

Decorative glass doors, such as the ones manufactured by us here at Iron Clad Security Doors, are built with three things in mind:

  • Durability – your door will be built to last, and will not be something that you have to update every few years or so
  • Privacy – the glass is tempered so prying eyes cannot see exactly what is going on behind the door
  • Protection – the solid steel frame and the strength of the glass simply adds another layer of security to your home

You will also have a range of looks and options when it comes to the final configuration of your decorative glass door. Perhaps you want something a little classy and traditional, like a three-panel arrangement? Maybe stretch to four panels or mix and match glass panels with opaque (i.e. non-glass) ones. You could try for something a little different, such as an oval-shaped aperture. You have countless options, so feel free to browse before you make your final decision.

To talk more about improving the safety of your home with a security door, please contact us here at Iron Clad Security Doors. We have a significant range of options from which you can choose, and we can help you feel just that little bit more secure within your home. Why wait? Contact us today at (313) 837-0390 or use the online contact form that’s available for you on our website.