Increase Home Security in 2024 With These New Year’s Resolutions

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As the calendar ticks over into a new year in just a couple of weeks, it’s a good time to resolve to do better and be better. For many, that will come in the form of personal goals such as weight loss and job changes. While those are noble goals and should be pursued, there’s no reason why you can’t make a few resolutions to enhance your home’s safety in 2024.

From security doors to security gates in Metro Detroit, check out these tips for protecting your home and family.

Add Barriers

Physical barriers remain an effective way to prevent the approach of unwanted visitors. To restrict their access to your property, consider adding a security gate at the end of your driveway or at the entrance to a front or back walkway. Gaining control over who enters and exits is as easy as pressing a button.

Go a step further and connect CCTV systems to your gates along with a visitor management system that logs all people who gain entry. Quality is important when it comes to physical barriers such as gates. You get that with Iron Clad, as all the security gates we sell are custom made in house with steel double-welded construction.

Enhance Your Security System

Contrary to popular belief, thieves aren’t dumb. To keep up with smart technology, they have gotten smarter as well. That security system you put in two decades ago is probably not cutting it anymore and can be bypassed by savvy burglars. It’s time to make your home security system smarter so it can embrace the modern age of smart controls. Install cameras around your property’s interior and exterior and then connect them to your smart phone so you can have full access to who’s in and around your property.

From viewing live footage from a mobile app to instantly receiving notifications when alarms go off, you can keep burglars from advancing further into your property. Alarms are still a great deterrent in encouraging unwanted visitors to flee. Safewise says that 60 percent of burglars who decide to case a potential target admit that they would indeed be deterred by an alarm system.

Protect Your Entryway

Let’s keep going with the stats. Did you know that just 12 percent of home invasions are planned in advance? One survey said that half of respondents acted on spur-of-the-moment impulse, whereas only 12 percent admitted their actions were premeditated. While these statistics are good news for you as a property owner, it’s still vital to protect the main entry to your home.

You’re best off installing a security door with heavy duty steel frames, tempered glass, welded connections, and steel jambs for the utmost in peace of mind.

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