Increase Your Home Security With A Few Easy Fixes

Man smiling opening door to house for delivery guy.

Beyond just locking your doors and windows, there are several other ways to improve the security of your home in addition to installing a steel security door. Making your home less susceptible to intruders gives you greater peace of mind while creating a safe haven for your family.

Start with The Easiest Points of Entry

The place a person with nefarious intentions will most likely gain entry is through an existing door. Inspect your front, rear, and side doors for vulnerabilities. We assume the locks on your doors are sufficient. Many times, however, this is not the case.

Examine your door knob and deadbolt closely. Measure how far they are going into the door frame. Doors with hardware that only extend into the thin pieces of wood on a frame are much more penetrable than those that go further into the thicker parts of the frame. The thin pieces of the frame split easier when blunt force is applied to the door.

The quickest and easiest fix is to replace the short screws in the metal strike plate attached to the door frame. Using screws that are at least three inches long will make the door much more secure when closed and locked. A further step is switching out the smaller strike plate that comes standard for a longer plate that covers more of the door frame.

The next areas to examine for security are windows and sliding glass doors. Older windows and sliding glass doors can be lifted off their tracks with very little effort. This provides easy access for someone trying to get into your home. The classic hack for sliding doors is to keep a thick rod in the track that prohibits the door from sliding until it is removed.

Use Technology to Deter Potential Intruders

Options for home security are vast in today’s world. You can go high tech with expensive and fully monitored security systems. You can also use low tech tactics like fake cameras or security signs staked in your yard. Video doorbells and window sensor alarms can even send you notifications alerting you of movement around your home’s points of entry.

Installing inexpensive timers to automatically turn appliances or lights on and off will also deter burglars. There are even fake televisions you can purchase that make it appear as if someone is home watching TV.

Along with securing your entryways and employing the use of technology, contacting the experts at Iron Clad Security Doors will go a long way in keeping your home a safe place. Call Iron Clad at (313) 837-0390 or click over to our online contact form.