Keeping Your Neighborhood Safe This Halloween and Beyond

Kids dressed up for Halloween.

Halloween is often the source of many treats, but also many tricks—in the form of threats to our security. The statistics alone are staggering:

  • Nearly 4,000 injuries occur every year on Halloween in America
  • Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween
  • Over half of property crime claims involve theft—including breaking and entering—on Halloween

With all the hazards and dangers to our neighborhoods on this otherwise fun holiday, it is important to understand ways in which we can all make our communities safer for those who call it home.

There is a long list of tips and precautions families can take in order to make Halloween safer and implementing these suggestions year-round can make for a safer neighborhood at all times.

Basic Safety Suggestions

First of all, the more lights the better when it comes to staying safe. While the temptation is there for leaving spaces dark in order to spook little ghouls and goblins throughout the evening, turning lights on is well worth the safety it provides.

If you plan on leaving your home, make sure your property is well lit while you are gone. A well-lit home is much less likely to attract burglars and intruders. Those looking to commit a crime are on the hunt for the best opportunity to avoid detection.

Keeping your home and car doors locked is another big step to keeping everyone safe and sound. While your neighborhood might not be a typical spot for crime, Halloween and other holidays see a rise in this type of activity in even the safest communities.

Think Ahead to Stay Safe and Avoid Leaving Yourself Vulnerable

The savviest of those with criminal intentions also use social media to their advantage. It is wise to avoid posting your plans—as in when you will be away from your home—to avoid giving them a heads up.

Other tips for staying safe and to avoid becoming a statistic include keeping your valuables locked up tightly out of sight. Iron Clad Security Doors helps homeowners know the best way to keep all their valuables behind lock and key with a steel security door.

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