Primary Benefits of Security Doors in MI

White Security Door On House.

Did you know that more than 60% of burglaries that happen in America are the result of forcible entry? We see in TV shows how easy it is to kick in a door, but is it really? Can an ordinary person kick in an ordinary front door? If you look up this question on any search engine, the results are surprising and the answer is, yes. If you give the door a well-placed kick or two, the lock area can break down and easily open. Unfortunately for the homeowner, this question is popularly searched and easily explained. All of this to say, homeowners need to consider replacing their doors from what the standard home comes with to a security door that cannot be kicked down. For peace of mind, let Iron Clad Security Doors provide you with a security door that works while also remaining aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Durable & Attractive Security Doors

Security doors provide that much needed protection from anyone trying to force their way into your home. At Iron Clad Security Doors, our security doors are built to last. Each door comes double-welded, features solid steel construction and still looks appealing for enhanced curb appeal. Afterall, no one said that a security door needed to be made up of metal bars and sadness! Our heavy duty 2” steel frame makes it impossible to kick down. All of our connections are welded, and the door comes with all steel jambs. With plush weatherstripping and a pneumatic door closer and shock absorber chain, this door is built for both security and style.

Customizing Your Security

Utilizing our security doors does not ever mean you have to sacrifice the look of your home. Our doors are made to look attractive and add curb appeal to your home. Each door has tempered safety glass and an interchangeable screen should you ever want to change your design. With over 32 different styles, we are confident you will find exactly what fits your style the best. Our standard door sizes include 30”, 32” and 36” width with heights of 80”. Every single security door we make is handmade and built right in Detroit, MI so that we are confident the superior quality standards we’ve created are always met.

For more information about our security doors and the importance that security doors bring to your property, give us a call today. Contact Iron Clad Security Doors at (313) 837-0390 and begin to better protect your home.