Security Enhancement Tips For Sliding Doors: MI Security Doors

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Sliding doors are great for residential backyards. They provide a clear view of the yard and let in tons of natural sunlight while still providing the security of a standard door. With that in mind, there are some simple mistakes you can make that will affect the protection your sliding doors provide. Here are some security enhancement tips to ensure that your home stays safe.

Lock All Gates Leading Into The Yard

If you have a privacy fence with gates, make sure those gates are locked at all times. You can also lock a chain link fence or other yard barrier, but people can jump over those even if they are locked. The other tips in this guide may be more applicable in that scenario. Assuming you have a tall fence though, it is best to put a lock on all entry points to keep people out of your yard. That is extra protection in addition to your sliding door.

Be Careful With Dog Doors

A lot of homeowners use dog door panels with their sliding doors, allowing their pets to go in and out of the house at will. These panels fit into the tracks for the door, and they are secured between the door frame and the actual sliding door. There is nothing wrong with using this for convenience, but you have to be careful with regards to security. When you are not home, remove the panel or put the protective barrier down that comes with the dog door. Even if an intruder cannot fit through the door, he or she may be able to put a tool in there to unlock it and open the sliding door.

Use Blinds Or Curtains To Cover The Door

People can see into your sliding door just as easily as you can see out of it. Install vertical blinds or curtains over the doorway to block the view when you are not around. This will also reduce heat buildup in the summers, which will help save you money on your energy bills. Vertical blinds are affordable and easy to install, and they will do wonders for your home security.

Upgrade To Security Doors And Windows

If your home looks well-guarded, intruders are more likely to hit an easier target. With security screen doors and windows from Iron Clad Security Doors, your home will be just as protected as it is beautiful. Our solid steel security products are designed to look great and provide maximum protection for your home or business. You can still have a sliding door in the backyard, but make sure the rest of the home looks as secure as possible.