The Best Security Doors to Protect your Home

The Best Security Doors to Protect your Home

There’s very little in life that’s as important as home security. It can be a tough old world out there, so having one place in your life in which you feel perfectly safe and secure is something that’s genuinely reassuring.

Your home though is only truly secure if you make it secure, and one of the best things you can do to make it secure is to invest in a security door from Iron Clad Security Doors. Here we’ll look at some of the best security door options that we’re able to offer you.

A Security Door Can Actually Add Charm to Your Home, Not Detract from Its Appeal

When people think about a security door, they typically think about big, heavy metallic doors that look as if they belong on the front of a prison. A home security door is nothing like that though. Home security doors are designed to look as elegant as possible. You will want your front door to retain its charm for your visitors while deterring would-be home invaders.

At Iron Clad Security Doors we have an exceptional range of options for you to choose from – over thirty, in fact. Just browse through the many options on our website, and you are sure to uncover a design that appeals to you. All our designs do NOT appeal to potential home invaders – when they see a security door they typically decide that attempts to break and enter would not be worth the hassle. Did you know that over 60 percent of home break-ins come via forced entry? You can significantly reduce the chances of your home adding to that statistic by investing in a security door.

All Security Doors We Provide are Solidly Built to Offer Full Security and Protection

All our doors come fully welded with a heavy-duty two-inch think steel frame and jambs, tempered safety glass, a pneumatic door closer and shock absorber chain. All standard door sizes are available with interchangeable screens. Each door is finished with plush weather stripping in order to make sure it is fully insulated.

If you would like to discuss your security door needs, or if you are considering alternative options by which you can make your home more secure, then please get in contact with us here at Iron Clad Security Doors. We genuinely are the true experts when it comes to security doors and can be contacted by phone at (313) 837-0390. You are also welcome to contact us using our online contact form, which is available on our website.