Tips for Home Security Door Installation

Tips for Home Security Door Installation

You would probably not be surprised to hear that over one third of all home invasions are through a house’s front door. When you include side or back doors, that percentage goes up even more. Needless to say, the type of door guarding your primary entry points is critical in keeping the people and belongings inside safe.

How to best install a security door will depend on the type of door. Installing a solid steel door will be different from installing a security screen door. There is specialty hardware required for each, which also determines the quality of the installation. Even the types of screws used, for example, can make the difference between a successful installation and one that leaves you vulnerable.

The Installation Of A Security Door Can Make All The Difference

Not only is the type and quality of door important, but just as important is how the security door is installed. This is why selecting the right source for your steel security door is so critical. Choosing a so-called security door from a big box retailer means an installation from the same guy whose previous stop was delivering a refrigerator.

Instead, choosing a custom security door manufacturer ensures the entire process is managed by experts from initial consultation through final installation. Local steel security door manufacturers stake their reputation on not just their products, but also the entire experience of their well satisfied customers.

Gain Peace Of Mind While Home And Away

According to a recent report published by Safe Wise, the addition of a steel security door pays for itself if it deters even a single home invasion. The average loss from a burglary is nearly $3,000, which is just the loss of possessions. This figure does not even include the expense of repairing what may have been broken during the ordeal, or the emotional toll.

The same survey mentioned above revealed that home invasions are the most feared of all property crimes. You may be tempted to choose an imported door, because it feels like you are getting a good deal. However, don’t be fooled by an inferior product. Instead, choose a high-quality security door manufactured by hand here in the United States like those from Iron Clad Security Doors.

Iron Clad Security Doors Provides Proven Home Security

Not only does Iron Clad Security Doors offer strong and attractive security doors, but you can also find high-quality screen doors, windows, and other solid steel security products. Call Iron Clad Security Doors at 313-837-0390 or use our online contact form to request more information on free installation of your new security door today.