Top Reasons to Secure your Porch Door

Porch of home with American flag.

When it comes to home security, many homeowners focus on the front door and front-facing windows as the first line of defense. Whether it is installing an aftermarket security plate in the door frame or replacing the wooden frame with a metal frame entirely, the front door tends to get the most attention.

In the same way, homeowners tend to think that thieves will look to windows for gaining access to their home. Therefore, they equip their windows with slide stops or other mechanisms to improve their security.

The Forgotten Egresses are Actually the Most Vulnerable

What we tend to forget is that burglars and other individuals with nefarious intentions who want to gain access to your home are professionals. They are not like the buffoons we see in movies or television commercials. Instead, these criminals have done research and reconnaissance on their craft and target.

Criminals know that your patio, sunroom, or screened-in porch door is a more likely access point than the primary entrances to your home. Therefore, you should actually be more concerned with these entryways that are more concealed from plain sight.

There Is A Better Way to Secure Your Door

When you think of adding a security door to your porch, an ugly monstrosity with thick bars and a cold design might come to mind. Thanks to companies who are dedicated to more atheistically pleasing designs for security doors, you can think more polished look and less prison latch.

Speaking of latches, your current door most likely still has the standard latch that was included with the original installation. Latches provide ease of access to the homeowners, but a latch is not a lock. With the addition of a security door, you are effectively adding a second barrier that burglars know will double their work. There is a greater chance they will move on to a less secure home after they evaluate the effort it will take to gain entry through a second reinforced doorway.

For ways you can secure all your entryways, your best next step is to contact an experienced security products company like Iron Clad Security Products. The professionals at Iron Clad Security Products can determine which type of door is right for your security needs. They will then design and manufacture a custom security screen or decorative glass door that matches your home.


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