Updating Porch Columns To Match Front Security Screen Doors In MI

porch columnsIf you have a decorative front security screen door, your porch columns may no longer match the design of your door. There are a few different ways you can tie these two elements together to improve your curb appeal and create cohesion for your façade. Follow this guide to get matching porch columns or your security screen door.

Replace Your Old Columns With New, Matching Ones

The best way to get a true match is to replace your porch columns with new ones from the same manufacturer. At Iron Clad Security Doors, we can create custom railings and columns to go with the designs for our decorative security doors. If you have an ornate detail on your door that you want mimicked on your columns, we can do that. Your front porch will look like one design concept, which will help your entire home look more updated.

When it comes to actually replacing the columns, you will need to create temporary supports to hold the roof or porch cover in place. Then you can detach the old columns from the home and put the new ones in their place. You may need new hardware to secure the columns to the porch, so keep that in mind as you complete this process. You can also get professionals to do the work for you.

Repaint Your Existing Porch Columns

If your porch columns are a similar style to your security screen door, you may be able to paint them to match the door. This will not change the design of the columns, but it will help it look more like the steel on the door itself. If you do not want a direct color match, you could choose a contrasting color that still complements the outside of your home. Play around with some different options until you find something that works for you.

Cover Your Porch Columns

If you don’t like the style of your columns but they’re still in good shape, you could try covering them. A lot of homeowners will attach wood around their iron columns and add decorative trim to the top. This works well for homes with sleek, modern front doors. The columns provide a solid base for the porch without taking away from the beauty of the door. You could also add stone to the base of the columns if you have stone on other parts of your exterior. The possibilities are endless!

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