What to Consider When Choosing a Driveway Security Gate

Beautiful security gate in front of house.

Security is the primary factor most people consider when exploring the addition of a driveway gate to their property. While security is a major benefit of a driveway gate, there are several other factors to keep in mind as well.

There Is No One Style Fits All Approach to Driveway Gates

There are several different types of driveway gates. A cantilevered gate is suitable for openings of up to 120 feet. This wide driveway gate option is ideal for driveways and entrances that must accommodate wide-load vehicles. This is why a cantilevered gate is the best option for many businesses that cater to trucks hauling freight back and forth, but also want to protect their property.

Although a cantilevered gate is the most popular type of driveway gate, especially for commercial properties, they are not always the best fit. Perhaps aesthetics are a higher priority for you. If so, then you might be more interested in an ornamental driveway gate. An ornamental driveway gate is not only functional, but allows you to make a statement as the first view a visitor gets when coming to your home or business.

An ornamental driveway gate allows for more of your personal style than a standard cantilevered gate. Ornamental driveway gates also provide you more opportunity to be part of the design process. The attractive option of an ornamental driveway gate gives you the ability to express your unique taste and offers a way to match the overall facade of your current property.

Count the Cost of a New Security Driveway Gate

A driveway security gate is a substantial investment and should not be a purchase you take lightly. Whether your needs demand a traditional cantilevered gate or a more modern ornamental design, you will be providing the absolute best protection for your property. After all, a secure perimeter is the best first line of defense.

Therefore, you will want to choose the best quality product possible in order to maintain peace of mind for years to come. This is why the experienced steel workers at Iron Clad Security Doors will use only the highest quality materials to manufacture your new custom security gate for you. In fact, all Iron Clad Security Doors driveway gates are produced in-house without materials purchased from overseas. This means your security gate begins and ends in our local warehouse.

Give Iron Clad Security Doors a call at (313) 837-0390 or use our online contact form and make a statement—that you take protection and privacy seriously.