What to Look for in a Security Screen Door

What to Look for in a Security Screen Door

Security doors all do the same job in making your home more secure, but not all security doors are created equally. There are several factors that you need to think about when you are considering adding a security screen door to your home.

What About the Door Frame Material?

The majority of screen security doors are made from a metal alloy, aluminum or steel. All three metals are sturdy and reliable, but they are not all identical. Steel is the sturdiest option here. If you go for aluminum or a metal alloy door then you need to have wider frames to give the same amount of strength as steel.

The main benefit of aluminum is that it does not contain iron which means it will not rust when it encounters moisture. Aluminum doors are typically more expensive, though. If a steel door is powder-coated then it will not start to rust for around a decade, so if you have your steel security screen door recoated every eight years or so, rust will never be a factor.

Powder Coated or Painted?

If you live in a warm environment, then painting your security screen door will not really be an option. Paint is not resistant to heat, so your paintwork will fade, crack and peel if exposed to the sun for long periods.

Powder-coating will provide your door with a tough finish. Your door will last longer if it is powder-coated, especially in harsh environments.

Any Extras?

There are a few extras that you might wish to consider when arranging the installation of your security screen door. For example, you can have the lock on your door designed to match the lock on the door it is protecting. This means that you will not have to use two keys to gain entry to your home.

If you have a steel door be sure to get the corners mitered. This means that the corners both on the top and bottom of the door are solid, as opposed to being hollow. This prevents moisture penetration which in turn prevents internal rusting.

Be sure to ask your security screen door installer about the options that are available to you.

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