Why an Emergency Back Yard Exit Gate is a Good Idea

Backyard Gate

No one wants to think about an emergency such as a fire or home invasion, but it’s important to plan for any potential problems that may arise on your property. In an emergency, a backyard exit can allow you to escape safely and quickly. Security gates and fences are the best way to achieve this.

There are three hallmarks of a successful backyard emergency exit: easy access, permanent exits and unobstructed exits. Check out these reasons why a security gate in your backyard is a wise idea.

Access to Safe Areas

The whole purpose of emergency backyard exits is that they must filter out to areas of your property that are instantly safe or that provide access to a safe location. Doors and gates that satisfy safety criteria should be used, such as those that can quickly be opened from the inside. But keep in mind, any emergency exit you add should only be reserved for just that – an emergency.

Government Compliance

Residential home rules typically mandate a certain amount of emergency exits. That number will vary with the size of the house and how many people would conceivably have to use the exit. For residential apartments, emergency backyard exits are required by law and can be identified by signage displaying the location of the emergency exit. This is helpful for visitors and guests who may not automatically know this information.

No Obstructions

Security gates and emergency exits must be free from obstructions that might render their use unsafe or impossible. In order to comply with safety requirements, property owners should also maintain their emergency exits regularly and appropriately. In light of the fact that emergency exits must feed to a safe location, it’s important to note that in apartment situations, if that location is an enclosed internal staircase, it must have proper illumination to guide the way.  

Burglary Escape Route

An emergency exit can prove invaluable in the event you are the victim of a burglary or home invasion. Effective backyard gates and doors can offer you and your family members a safe escape route in a timely manner.

In Conclusion: Why Security Gates Make Great Backyard Exits

Emergency backyard gates can be a critical addition to any home or apartment complex. As said above, no one wants to think about being involved in an emergency where quick escape is vital, but it pays to be safe and plan ahead. In choosing a security gate, be sure to consider factors such as ease of access, ease of opening the gate, and safety after exit.

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