Why Choose a Detroit Based Security Door Manufacturer?

Made in Detroit

According to one study from a prominent university’s Center for Housing Studies, the US home remodeling market has expanded over 50% since the end of the great recession in 2009. With the market still booming even in the midst of current events, a home remodel is a great opportunity to upgrade to a high-quality steel security door.

Choosing a security door manufactured in the US is one way to ensure the trend continues in the right direction for our country. The double-welded and solid steel construction that you find in security doors produced by an American company like Iron Clad Security doors in Detroit, MI provides a solid barrier against intruders along with a decorative entryway for guests.

Made in the USA Means Quality Products

This kind of quality is not a guarantee when shipping in a security door manufactured elsewhere in the world. A quality designer security door manufactured in the US provides peace of mind for home and business owners. Not only does it provide an added layer of security, but owners can rest assured of its longevity as well.

Unlike products manufactured by international sellers in other countries like China or Mexico, a security steel door purchased from a Detroit based manufacturer provides friendly and always accessible customer service. The chances of following up for support with an overseas manufacturer may be slim. With a company like Iron Clad Security Doors, however, it is as easy as making a domestic phone call.

Choosing a Detroit Based Manufacturer Provides a Unique Look

A high-quality security door crafted specifically for your home and constructed from high-grade materials provides a customized design for your home’s entryway. The doors at Iron Clad Security Doors are built on a heavy-duty two-inch steel frame and backed by tempered safety glass.

Not only do the security doors manufactured by our Detroit based company offer tremendous strength, but they also feature aesthetically pleasing designs to match any décor. With a number of colors and styles to choose from, finding the exact look you are sure to like is made easy.

Whether you are ready to design your new high-quality security door or are still unsure, call Iron Clad Security Doors at (313) 837-0390 to get a free quote. You can also use our online contact form to request more information on a personalized security door for your home or business.