Why Security Doors are So Important

Black woman walking through the front door of her safe home.

At Iron Clad Security Doors, we are not just another company trying to sell you a nice looking door for your home. We are a company that promotes safety in the home. A company that provides a tangible way to increase your home security without sacrificing style. A company that puts your safety as our number one priority. If you are wondering why security doors are so important, start asking those that have been the victim of any type of break in at their home or office. Ask them how the intruders were able to enter their home. Ask them if a security door is an important investment to make into your home.

Feeling Safe in Your Home With Security Doors

If there’s not a single other reason you choose Iron Clad Security Doors, choose it for the safety and peace of mind it provides. Did you know that more than 60% of the 2.1 million burglaries that happen here in the United States are due to forcible entry? While we do not boast or joke about the safety and security of our residents, we can confidently say that no one has ever kicked down an Iron Clad door. Our doors are double-welded, made up of solid steel construction and built to withstand just about anything for years to come. However, while safety is always our number one priority, it doesn’t mean that we sacrifice on looks.

Safe and Fashionable Security Doors

When people think of security doors, they often see prison bars or movie theater basement chambers with steel as far as the eye can see. Fortunately, that is not what your home has to look like to provide significant protection from forced entry. Iron Clad offers doors that will match any and every home. When you choose an Iron Clad security door, you can have all of the quality safety features you need without sacrificing your style. We provide a number of designs and colors to choose from. We even provide interchangeable screens should you ever want to change up the look and style of your door. Even your tempered safety glass can be matched to fit your home and style perfectly.

Security doors are incredibly important when owning a home but there’s no need to sacrifice style for safety. Additionally, no one should be sacrificing safety for the sake of style. Iron Clad Security Doors are your first line of defense. For more information about why security doors are so important, give us a call today. Contact Iron Clad today at (313) 837-0390.